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Awarded by UK’s Intertnational Property Awards in 2022. Best house in Ontario:

Publication of the ‘Great Canadian Homes’ TV special edition on ‘150 years of Canadian Houses’:


Solo art exhibition at Elan Fine Art Gallery:

Celebrating the WGSN 'World's Best Store" award with the great RYU team:

Book Launch for "Merrick House" ORO Editions:
Thursday 20th April 2017 at Inform. 5.00 - 7.00pm
RSVP form: https://goo.gl/forms/9FfjIAx3PUCmDoUf2

RYU store 3 opens at Park Royal, West Vancouver

Gulf Island Residence receives "International Property Awards" Best Single Family Residence in Canada 2016/17

Point Grey House 4 receives much press, good and bad. See 'Press' August 2016

RYU Store Winner of London's WGSN Global Fashion Futures Awards - Best Store Design 2016.

Gulf Island House appears in "Hauser" Germany. May 2016

Gulf Island Residence appears in www.houseporn.ca

First glimpse of a house up the coast... a copper origamic roof, inside and out:

Guest Critic in Fargo, May 2015

A book on the Merrick House due out in Spring

Architectural Projects (more images to follow):

A large new building near Burrard bridge, Vancouver

Two mixed use buildings in the centre of Kerrisdale

Two houses on Lake Huron

A large commercial building in East Vancouver

The third store for RYU Apparel

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