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Recent Solo Art Exhibition of Tony Robins’ work at Elan Fine Art


The work delves into Narrative Minimalism, and explores 'Transmediation’

Link to Artsy site with many examples of the work:

Elan Fine Art 258 East 1st Ave Vancouver BC Canada 604 620 0049

The means of communication of images through the internet is often achieved with Base 64, a code of letters and numbers. I have taken Ad Reinhardt's latter career in exploring the limits of minimalism. He sifted oil from his paint to achieve the most pigmented, deepest black, and found no way further forward than to paint entirely black canvases with no light reflection. Taking this into the 21st century, the black painting and his inability to go anywhere from there is moved a new step forward, as a light transmission in this internet code. The result is an inherently beautiful sea of typology.

"Marilyn". The sadness of her stage name being used on her grave is reflected in this take on Warhol's 'Marilyn'.

A high res image of the Mona Lisa is here represented in one text 20 volumes in length that is in Base 64, the code via which an image can be sent through the internet.

"$1553b." is the four most expensive paintings in the world overlaid upon each other. It is a comment on the absurd value in today's art market. The cost of this piece is one 700,000th of the cost of the originals.

Realist Homage to Fernand Leger's play of abstracted human forms floating on the canvas is mixed, here, with an interest in a more realist approach to the body. It abstracts only minimally, to make sure the viewer appreciates the forms of the limbs. It also refers to Le Corbusier's paintings of abstracted forms. The right area is flanked with a steel panel, the top of which has an X-Ray of the model's hand. The bones are in stark contrast to the painted flesh. Below: the X-Ray of her hand from the upper right of the work

Here the transmediated information from words to the visual is represented by "Sign Language", depicting a mother's joy and angst at communicating with her autistic son solely by the use of her fingers.

"Roundhay Garden Scene" is the first frame of the first ever movie, by Louis le Prince, in 1886, matched with the latest way a film goes through the internet: as Base 64 (in the yellow of filmlighting gel, to the right).

“Nick.” Pencil drawing during a realist phase 25 years ago

This installation, on the lee side of the infinity edge pool of the Gulf Island House, is a 40' x 8' aluminum plane, contextually referencing its site. The original Spanish name for the island on which it is situated is written in braille, but as holes rather than protrusions. It refers to the distribution of the blinding smallpox virus on blankets to the First Nations population. The holes break down into an irregular placement (mostly seen in this image) that is directly reflecting the unusual holes in the rocks below, carved by salt water erosion. The shape of the bottom is the contour of the site's shoreline:

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